2 LOOKS – $275

3 LOOKS – $325
4 LOOKS – $375

Please contact for details on the following:
*Discount offered for returning clients and referrals
*For KIDS photo session, rates will vary by age


Where are you, and how do you shoot?
My studio is located in Santa Monica, CA. It’s open-air, meaning we’re primarily indoors but open to the outside. I shoot digital, with natural light.

How many looks do I need?
If you’re looking for new representation, I usually recommend a 2-look session – a basic commercial and theatrical look. Once you get an agent or manager, they will often ask for more specific images. I’d suggest checking with them if they’re looking for anything in particular or if you have current headshots that are or are not working. Our goal would then be to either add to what you have or replace it; that would usually be a 3-4 look session.

Why do you recommend a hair & makeup artist?
My hair and makeup artist stay for the entire shoot. In addition to the different looks, they act as a second pair of eyes for flyaway hair, out of place clothing, etc.
WOMEN – unless you have experience doing hair and makeup for photoshoots, it can be a very different application and styling than your daily life. A professional artist will be able to make the necessary changes to create the various looks you need, and still appear natural. Having one for the duration of the shoot would also be one less thing to worry about. My preference would be to book my stylist, as they are familiar with my style and pace. You are welcome to bring your own, but please let me know at the time of booking and also how much time they would need.
MEN – you might consider hiring a hair & makeup artist if your skin could use help with discoloration, under-eye bags, shine, or acne. If you are shaving right before or during the session, you may need assistance with razor burn or evening out skin color.

What should I wear?
I always say bring multiple options for each look. Our session will start by going through your wardrobe, and the more choices the better. You’ll want to bring a variety of colors, styles, necklines, and layers. The last thing I’d want would be for you to end up with 3 looks of three blue button-down tops. That’s no fun.

How do I get my photos?
Within the week, you will receive a password-protected link to your online gallery as well as digital delivery of all high-res images, suitable for editing, online sites, and printing.

Do you do retouching?
Not that great and not too fast. I’m happy to refer clients to http://retouchingforless.com/ for a discounted rate of $15/image

Do you take credit cards?
I currently accept cash, check, Paypal and Venmo. Credit cards are accepted, subject to 3% fee. If paying by check, please note that photos will be held until payment is cleared. Hair and makeup artist is paid separately, cash or check only at this time.

I hate taking pictures.
That’s not a question, but I totally get it. I’m here to make the process as easy as possible. Sessions don’t run all day, feel free to bring your own music. We’ll figure out your looks and best angles together, as a team.